Thursday, July 3, 2014

Allopathic vs. Herbal Medicine

Hey, so today I wanted to talk a little bit about the differences between allopathic or traditional modern medicine and herbal medicine. I am NOT going to rant on and on about how horrible modern medicine is, it has it's place in health care and I respect that. But we mustn't forget that herbs are the medicine God gave us to use so they shouldn't be taken so lightly as they often are in this day and time.

In scripture the giants of David's youth were the children of fallen angels and human women. (Genesis Chapter 6) These fallen angels knew things that men were not meant to know yet, and they taught man a corrupted version, pharmacology and I believe also modern medicine are two of the practices that man was not originally supposed to know right off, and thus are limited and un-perfected because of that.

I have observed on many occasions personally and otherwise that traditional allopathic medicine is sometimes deficient if not occasionally totally inadequate in treating illness and injuries. I once had an experience where a man in my church had been bitten by a dog, we was diabetic and was going through the usual antibiotic injections and what-not, but the wound wasn't healing after weeks and months of treatment, and was looking quite infected. I offered to make him a plantain (Plantago major) poultice to apply to the wound and he accepted, roughly 1 - 2 weeks later the wound was little more then a scar. This is one of the several first hand accounts I have had of herbal medicine's effect where modern medicine falls short.

In emergency situations hospitals and everything that goes along with them are UNDOUBTEDLY life-saving, and some medications are also a must for some illnesses, but I must admit allopathic medicine is quickly reaching it's limits of effectiveness. And along with that most doctor's apparent inability to target underlying issues and eagerness to write prescriptions that could possibly be fore-gone, I find that consistent use of a doctor for every health matter aside from a yearly check up (and tests if something is found array. And of course emergencies.) can end up being costly both monetarily speaking, and sometimes health-wise.

Herbal medicine is one of the methods of healing that was and still is intended for us to use when we need it, both for treatment and prevention. So I believe using herbal medicine wisely and sensibly along with a healthy, and natural life-style can save us much trouble, money, and time in the long run. And as I said, modern medicine DOES have it's place, but it is important not to forget the bitter herbs at our feet.

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