Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Introduction to Biblical Herbalism.

Hey everyone, for good measure I thought it would be a good idea to write an introduction post so you all can clearly understand what I'm talking about. I hope this will be informative and pleasant, Sincerely Herbal Em.

Herbal medicine is a field in which are many diverse views, schools of thought, and a maze of what is or isn't true, I know! I have been an herbalist for most of my life and it is every bit as daunting as I can remember. I have struggled with these issues much in my years as an "herbalist in training" so it is very helpful to look at herbs and their uses through a reliable perspective. And because I am a christian, and because there is no perspective better then God's, the bible was the perfect viewpoint to use.

God created herbs for us to use. Not only for illness and injury, but also for a natural, holistic, and Eden like lifestyle which unfortunately isn't the lifestyle we most often adhere to now a days. So the best way to enable people to use herbs and herbal medicine as God intended is to teach people how to safely and effectively use them, in addition to a proper, natural  lifestyle this can often be a key component in achieving and maintaining health.

There is more to biblical herbalism then studying the bible verse by verse try to find mention of herbs and their uses here and there. Though that is a part of it, it is mainly learning to use what God created for the purpose it was created.

So I urge you, if you want to learn with me, about herbs and natural healing the ways that God intended, you can. Just revisit this blog often, and you can also use the profile links in the column to the right to link up with me during this fantastic journey. Sincerely Herbal Em.


  1. I love your inspiration from the bible. My herb garden is thriving and I am beginning to get creative with my community garden club and the elementary school. I'm planting an herb garden at the school and plan to create information labels for each plant to help the kids learn about growing and using herbs. The former janitor at the school loved gardening and has passed the torch to me. We moved to the Sierra Mountains, 1008ft. hot,90's but perfect for gardening. We needed to get back to the country. My mom is happy but needed more care than I could give her. Take care and I'll catch up with you soon. Herbalmary